Repairing a Broken Dragon Naturally Speaking Profile

My Dragon profile self-destructed again. I’m pretty sure it is related to adding numerous dictation sources over the time I have been using the product.
I just completed a rather unsatisfying call with technical support from Nuance. Their position is that the profile was corrupted through no fault of their own. I.e. they think it is my fault or Windows fault. The reality is Dragon is corrupting its own profiles, they should be able to save their profile without fault whether it windows crashes or not (which has not been the case). Further, he said there was no way to rescue my vocabulary customizations from the last several years of Dragon use, nor my custom commands. His solution was for me to create a new profile and start over.
So if you find yourself using Dragon naturally speaking, and you find all of a sudden you cannot turn the microphone on, or manage dictation sources, the following might help you out:
  • From your broken profile, export the vocabulary to a file using the vocabulary menu.
  • Create a new Dragon profile and get a dictation source working. Import your vocabulary file using the vocabulary menu.
  • Exit Dragon
  • Copy C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking15\Users\your-old-profile-name\current\MyCmds.dat  to C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking15\Users\your-new-profile-name\current\MyCmds.dat
  • restart Dragon
That should allow you to have a new profile with your old commands and your old vocabula

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