Replacing CopyTalk With Dragon

I tried out CopyTalk for a couple weeks and found their transcription service wasn’t as accurate as  making a recording and using the Dragon Naturally Speaking transcription agent.  I also found the the turn around time for a CopyTalk transcription was  over a day, which is too long for my use.

The problem is getting your dictations from your phone into dragon.

The Dragon Recorder App is, in my opinion, horrible.  If you don’t believe me, download it onto your phone, make some dictations, and try and get them onto your computer and transcribed.  You can make it work, but it requires an excessive amount of clicking.

Fortunately, for a few dollars, you can buy DropVox  for iOS.  If you have an Android rather than iPhone there is likely a similar app.   Press a button, make your recording, press another button to stop,  and you are done;  the app will automatically name your recording, and upload it to a predetermined folder in dropbox  you select.

When you get back to your office, run the Dragon Naturally Speaking Transcription Agent (I have mine as a startup item).  It will transcribe your recordings, and you can review your audio if you need to make corrections. If you leave the transcription agent running, your transcriptions will be waiting for you when you arrive in your office.  Or you can arrange for your Transcription output folder to also be in Dropbox, and you can have dictations transcribed in a few minutes.




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