Making a Call with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I frequently dial my phone client using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Most phone clients on Windows will respond to a tel: URI scheme.  Clicking on a tel: link will dial the phone, For example, clicking on a tel:2505551212 and was computer systems will launch whatever program is registered to dial the phone number.

The phone client I have been using recently is Bria.  It is not very pleasant to try and dial the phone with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Bria together. (If you find a way to clear the phone number by voice in Bria please leave a note with instructions in the comments).

Below is a script in Dragon NaturallySpeaking to pop up a dialogue to enter a phone number, and then to use the default dialer to make the call. I called my command “make a call”, the command type of Advanced Scripting. The script was copied from a sample built-in to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 15 professional.

' This script displays a user dialog in which the
' user types or dictates a name.

' It then displays whatever the user typed in a
' message box.

Sub Main
	Begin Dialog UserDialog 400,98,"Sample User Dialog",.DialogFunc ' %GRID:10,7,1,1
		Text 20,14,220,14,"Please enter the phone number:",.Text1
		TextBox 20,35,370,21,.TextBox1
		OKButton 70,63,90,21
		CancelButton 220,63,90,21
	End Dialog
	Dim dlg As UserDialog
	result = Dialog (dlg)

	If result = -1 Then ' If the user clicked OK,
		SetMicrophone 0
	End If
End Sub
Function DialogFunc%(DlgItem$, Action%, SuppValue%)

	Select Case Action%
		Case 5
	End Select

End Function

If you would like to call a specific phone number, create a command with a name like “call home” and create a command type of “step-by-step”. The new step will be Open (application). The target will be “tel: 250.555.1212”, of course replacing the phone number with whatever number you would like to dial.

The format of your phone number must be compatible with whatever form dialer you’re using.

I also created a command “answer the phone” that sends the keystrokes Bria requires to answer the phone, then turns the microphone off.


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